Our support concept is simple; you write the institute exam and get a qualification from the institute. 

We prepare you for those exams by blending proven content, methods, and technology to give you the edge over your studies.

So with each institute, you will need to register yourself as a student with them directly. You will be responsible for everything related to your institute, from your registration, additional material (if needed), subscriptions, fees, and exams.

Study material, updates, sustainability, student support, and overall success.

- Study Material

We strive to offer you only the very best study material available. 

Whether you are studying modules, ICBCIMA we'll make sure that you have the most effective resources for learning and exam preparation.

We work with a range of partners and facilitators to guarantee that we use only use expertly written material to deliver high-quality learning experiences

Our uncompromising approach to quality material ensures our students will have access to the widest range of expertly written resources.

- Updates

Material is constantly monitored and updated by our facilitators should the need arise. 

- Sustainability
The Going Green Initiative

Our students' success is at the heart of everything that we do, because of this, we strive to bring you the very best in online learning material.

Yes, you read that correctly. EBSdotCOZA is committed to our “going green initiative” to ensure a brighter future for all. 


For this reason, there will not be paper-based notes issued to

You may however choose to print out material at your own expense but if possible, think sustainability and rather “go green” and view the material on your respective devices.

- Student Support

Google Classroom Online Support

EBSdotCOZA facilitated classes are completely onlineyou access to our google classrooms from anywhere an connection. For copyright purposes, videos cannot be downloaded. The facilitator notes can be saved and printed for your own personal use*.
*Note that the facilitator notes still remain the property of EBSdotCOZA and its facilitators and may not be distributed to non-EBSdotCOZA registered students. 

The EBSdotCOZA CTA programmealigned with the UNISA syllabus and SAICA examinable pronouncements. The programme takes into account the dates of the UNISA CTA tests and provides a manageable approach for working students.

Not grasping a concept?

Not only are our facilitators available via google classroom, the admin team is email away and will always try to assist you where possible.

Payment Options

We have a range of payment options available to students, from self-paid to sponsored students.

Students are able to pay via electronic funds transfer

You can pay your fees in full or take advantage of our payment plans available.

Guarantees & Refunds

We cannot guarantee a pass, nobody can and nobody should. #LifeLessons

We do however take our students' concerns very seriously.

We will investigate any complaint brought to our attention in writing. 

We advise that you read through our terms and conditions for more information.


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