Looking to study a Strategic Qualification in Business, Finance and Accounting with a Global footprint?

By studying the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting with Edge Business School, you’ll come away equipped with a strong, solid understanding of fundamental accounting, management and business principles to kick-start your career in the world of business and finance. You’ll develop skills in financial reporting, forecasting performance, data analysis and more!

The certificate consists of four subjects:

BA1: Fundamentals of Economics;
BA2: Fundamentals of Management Accounting;
BA3: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting;
BA4:  Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law 


Available CIMA product offerings through Edge:

Full Time

Option includes:
• Full access to the campus and study facilities - 24/7
• Weekly work plan
• Face to Face Lectures
• Consultations
• Facilitated case studies and questions
• CIMA textbooks
• CIMA institute fees
• Online access to recorded lectures
• Financial Calculator


Part Time

Option includes:
• Access to campus after 17h00 and weekends from 07h00 to 23h00 
• Weekly work plan
• Face to Face Lectures
• Facilitated case studies and questions
• CIMA textbooks
• CIMA institute fees
• Online access to recorded lectures


Online (Available as a separate option in 2020)

Online classes are part time classes that are recorded, the video is rendered and uploaded about 24 – 48 hours after the part time class. 

Option included free of charge to Full Time and Part Time students.

Option includes:
• Access to recorded lectures
• Module pacer
• Lecturer interaction via our online classroom.
• Access to recorded exam course.

Option Excludes:
• CIMA textbooks
• CIMA institute fees



Global Job Opportunities

Qualifying as a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with CIMA will open up Global job opportunities from multinationals like Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Nestle - to the newest start-ups in the public and private sectors. Chances are, in any industry you can think of, there’ll be CGMA designation holders.


Boost your earning potential

As a CGMA designation holder, you can earn more and go further. Even while you’re still studying, you are capable of landing your dream position. Because working to get your designation shows your employers you are dedicated, hardworking and serious about your future.
And, if you’re already working, the CGMA designation can give you that additional boost to help you move up the ladder.


Fast track your career 

Edge understands the need of the current school leaver. Offering you a Full-Time CIMA offering like no other. Be qualified and work ready within 3 years! 

*Terms and Conditions Apply


CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Full Time Timetable

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Part Time Timetable

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Fees



A South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a good understanding of English and Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy 
If you do not have this, please contact our registration team for further information on how to register.
*Edge Business School will assist you with your CIMA registration as well as ordering your textbooks.


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Edge Business School and Craig Hyman are proud to present the first installment of our First Aid Business Workshops that have been developed specifically for Business Owners and Creditors.

This comprehensive 1 day "First Aid" Business Rescue Workshop aims to inform and offer practical and realistic insights as well as expose participants to “rescue situations” and decision making to drive the turnaround process.
The course focuses on teaching delegates the ability to deduce the causes of decline in the venture by applying models in practice for decision strategies, and to take key decisions for an appropriate rescue plan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the tasks, activities and competencies of the Business Rescue Plan.
  • Identify quantitative and qualitative signs of distress.
  • Identify Key Role Players.
  • Understand the venture rescue situations and finance.
  • Make key decisions for an appropriate rescue plan.
  • Do problem-solving associated with rescue situations.


Course fees:

Cost per delegate: R5 750.00 incl VAT.
Course fees include all course material, a light lunch and refreshments are included.

Course fees must be paid in full 14 days prior to course start dates.
To book kindly complete the form below.

T&C’s apply


Course Coordinator: Craig Hyman

Working as an independent contractor with experience in large, medium and small organizational environments, Craig Hyman’s passion and ability lies in being able to apply his expertise and knowledge to a training environment.
Craig Hyman has experience in the Financial Services industry has given him the edge and many advantages and insights into business operations, market research and best practices. His focus and capability lies in developing relevant and relatable material for trainees and attendees ensuring delivery, understanding and retention of that knowledge.



26th June 2019 & 15th July 2019




Don't declare failure simply because of a few bumps and bruises…

Business Rescue Artwork bottom 01

Matric Winter School Mathematics Full Course

Our Matric Winter School is a comprehensive 4 - day course run during the school holidays 24th – 27th June 2019 which covers the entire Grade 11 and Matric Mathematics Syllabus.

This is an opportunity to revise what you’ve already learnt and get a head start on content that you haven’t yet covered at school! The course coordinator will also teach you HOW to study and provide assistance with exam technique. All the recorded lessons and material covered during the course will be uploaded to a google classroom that you will have access to until you write your final exam. The coordinator will also add additional material to this classroom throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to learn online anytime, anywhere.

Our aim is to help you achieve your academic goals and maximize your potential to achieve outstanding results! If you would like to book and secure your spot, please fill in the form on our website.

Course Coordinator

This year’s programme will be hosted by Raquel Neilson. Raquel is Head of Department and lectures Financial Mathematics at Edge Business School. 

Raquel Neilson began her career in education as a high school Mathematics teacher in 2008, teaching at Parktown High School for Girls.  During her years as an educator, Raquel has taught Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Life Sciences.

Course Outline – R 500.00 per learner

Programme is limited to 220 participants. Registration will close at 12h00 on the 18 June 2019. 

*Students registering for all courses are required to bring their own stationery and calculators.
*Please note that refreshments are not included for the duration of the day and students are required to bring their own lunch.

Email proof of payment and your completed booking form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  Mon-24 June Tue-25 June Wed-26 June Thu-27 June
09h00-10h00 Algebra Trig Part 2 Statistics Analytical Geometry
The formula & completing the square
Exponential equations 
2D trig
Five number summary 
Standard deviation 
Scatter plots
Linear regression 
Gradient & inclination
Distance formula 
Equation of straight lines 
Properties of quads
10h00-10h15 Break Break  Break  Break 
10h15-11h15 Finance Trig part II Functions & Inverses Analytical Geometry
Effective & nominal interest rates
Future value annuities
Present value annuities
Compound angles
Double angles
3D trig
Quadratic function
Hyperbolic function
Exponential function
Equation of a circle
11h15-11h30 Break Break  Break  Break 
11h30-12h30 Euclidian Geometry Euclidean Geometry Functions &  Inverses Probability
Line segment through centre & midpoint
Angle at centre is twice the angle at the circumference
Line drawn parallel to one side of a triangle
Angles in the same segment are equal 
Opposite angles on acyclic quad
Opposite Midpoint revision &
Mutually exclusive events
Complimentary events
Dependent and independent events
Venn & tree diagrams
Fundamental counting principle
12h30-13h00 Break  Break  Break  Break 
13h00-14h00 Trig part I Number Patterns Euclidean Geometry Euclidean Geometry
Reduction formulae
Special angles &
Arithmetic sequences 
Quadratic sequences, 
Geometric sequences & Series
Tangents from the same point
Tan chord theorem
Mixed examples
14h00-14h15 Break  Break  Break   
14h15-15h00 Calculus Calculus Calculus  
  Differential calculus Cubic functions Optimization