At EBSdotCOZA, our facilitators have a proud record of getting top results for the past 25 years in private education. These include teaching the student that finished
• 1st in the CA(SA) ITC exam in June 2015, and
• 1 of the top 2 CA(SA) students in SA for 10 consecutive years.
• 3 of the top 10 CTA students in 2018 (No.1,2 & 6 respectively)

EBSdotCOZA is a top private education online tuition provider at your fingertips for the discerning business management, finance or accountancy student.

Why do approximately 1 in 53 people applying to university actually get a degree?

Only 1 in 8 students applying to study at residential universities in Gauteng are accepted. Of these students who start a degree only 15% of the high achievers actually get a degree. Read more...

Do the math!!!!!!

Are you going to be the 1 in 53 learners who actually ends up getting a degree?


With over 100 years of combined experience, our facilitators and admin staff pride themselves on being able to assist you with only the very best quality tuition, material, support and guidance on your educational journey.

1. Our students pass

The benchmark that EBSdotCOZA and it's facilitators strive towards is that at least 8 out of every 10 of our students for which we offer tuition support will get a qualification or professional designation.

We specialise in tuition support towards accountancy, finance, investment, and business management qualifications and professional designations. This means we are more focused in our areas of expertise.

This enables EBSdotCOZA to consistently obtain an average of 80% or more pass rate for individual subjects each and every semester.

Over the past 20 years, EBSdotCOZA facilitators have produced outstanding results, lecturing 1 of the top 2 CA(SA) students in South Africa for 10 consecutive years. In June 2015, the top CA(SA) ITC student was an EBSdotCOZA student.

2. Private learning is different from public learning

Many universities have large first-year classes of hundreds of students being lectured at a time. EBSdotCOZA has smaller online interactive classes for full-time students; this allows individual attention to be given to students where needed, in an environment where lecturers are fully accessible to students. 

Our part-time interactive classes are geared towards the needs of the working student; providing a combination of interactive lectures and prerecorded content tailored to suit your work schedules, budget and time constraints.

3. Affordable private education

With the current pandemic, the way of teaching has changed. With the growing uncertainty of future "lockdowns" and possible disruptions, EBSdotCOZA facilitated classes are completely online for the foreseeable future. This not only allows you access to our google classrooms from anywhere but also takes a huge chunk out of your tuition fees without compromising on quality.

4. Adaptive and Personalised learning

Every semester we take time to reflect on our experiences, be they good or bad, and learn from them.

This constant growth gives us the opportunity to consistently give back to you, the students, and outperform many of the very best competitors in the market.

5. Get excellent tuition support towards qualifications and professional designations

Our facilitators do not set University exams and operate independently of Universities.

This means, EBSdotCOZA facilitators do not know what is in the University exams.

They simply lecture the entire syllabus to our students. This results in a well-rounded learning experience in which our students are closely monitored to pick up problems. Problems need to be resolved before an exam to maintain our 80% pass rates which have been consistently achieved in the past.

The University fees are not included in the EBSdotCOZA tuition fees. 

Our Support offering includes:

UNIVERSITY EXTRA LESSONS - Undergraduate and Postgraduate respectively

Learners may register for University aligned Tuition Support programme to give you the edge over your studies.
The EBSdotCOZA undergraduate and CTA programmes are aligned with the UNISA syllabus and SAICA examinable pronouncements.


Learners may attend tuition support for the ICB programme at anytime during the year. New courses are continuously run. 


CIMA is an internationally recognised professional designation, recognised in over 100 countries around the world. CIMA intakes are in January and July

Professional designations

Once you have a degree or post graduate qualification we offer tuition support towards professional designations such as CIMA and CA(SA) and their qualifying exams. 


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