CIMA : Operational – Level 1

Diploma in Management Accounting

CIMA Operational teaches you about organisational management, costs and analysis used in production, and financial reporting and taxation. You also take a Case Study, which tests your overall knowledge of the level. You’ll take around 9 to 12 months to complete the level.

After completing this level, you can move into roles such as a financial analyst or management accountant. You can then move onto the CIMA Management level.

NEW CIMA 2019 Syllabus – Introduction

CIMA certification is changing yet again. Is it a good thing? I think so. 
It shows that CIMA wants to be ahead of the curve - the leader in the management accounting profession. CIMA is literally the first certification body to realise that the role of finance is shifting. Nowadays we - management accountants, rely much more on technology. A long time ago we stopped crunching the numbers or counting the beans. We became partners in the business. And now, we step up yet again, from navigator to co-pilot of the business.

The digital age is here. AI is becoming more and more common. Those are the changes that we should prepare for. Simple jobs will be most likely replaced by machines. But what machines cannot do (at least now) is provide strategic guidance. That is the new role for us. 


CIMA Business Certificate or equivalent (link)
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CIMA aligned module- Operational Level 

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E1: Managing Finance in a Digital World


P1: Management Accounting


F1: Financial Reporting


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The level is made up of three Objective Test subjects and one Case Study. You must pass all three Objective Tests before moving on to the Case Study, which tests what you’ve learned overall at the level.
You need to pass all assessments to be able to progress to the Management level.

Entry requirements
You’ll need to have completed CIMA Certificate, AAT Professional (Level 4), or an accountancy or finance degree.

The Objective Test subjects can be sat in any order. You must have passed all 3 Objective Tests before you can book your Case Study examination.

Objective Test subjects

E1 Managing Finance in a Digital World

Subject assessment: OnDemand computer-based exam (CBE)

You’ll learn about the role of finance in organisations, the structure and shape of the finance function, how the finance function interacts with the organisation to create and preserve value, data usage by the finance function and the technology landscape and its impact on organisations and the finance function.

Course content:
Role of the finance function
Technology in a digital world
Data and information in a digital world
Shape and structure of the finance function
Finance interacting with the organisation

P1 Management Accounting

Subject assessment: OnDemand computer-based exam (CBE)

You’ll learn the importance of costs in the production, analysis and use of information for decision-making in companies. P1 covers short-term budgeting and making short-term decisions on products and services, as well as digital issues in costing.

Course content:
Cost accounting systems
Budget and budgetary control
Short term decision making
Dealing with uncertainty in the short term

F1 Financial Reporting

Subject assessment: OnDemand computer-based exam (CBE)

You’ll learn about the regulation and preparation of financial statements, giving you the skills to produce basic financial statements for individuals. You’ll also learn about working capital and business tax.

Course content:
Regulatory Environment
Financial Statements
Principles of taxation
Managing Working Capital

Case Study - Integrated Case Study - Tuition Offering TBA

Subject assessment: Integrated Case Study exam (CBE)

You’ll be tested on your overall knowledge of E1, P1, and F1. Using the skills gained during the level, you’ll resolve issues that a management accountant may come across at work.




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