EBSdotCOZA uses the Google online university platform (Google Classroom) to present study material to students interested in studying online. Through this interface, online help is provided for over 60 University modules.

These courses are either recorded classes of the full or part time lectures for the current semester or may be courses that have been recorded within our in-house studio. Students will require data to access the online offering. The course will reference the current University study material and also include guidance to students on completing their current semester assignments.

The whole course is offered online and there are no DVD’s.

Printed notes are not supplied. Soft copies are accessible in Google drive. Candidates are liable for their own data usage costs to access the online course.

The online classroom provides the following to students:

  • Video lectures and tutorials
  • Note packs
  • Question packs
  • Tutorials going through old exam material
  • Access to lecturers via our Google online classroom chat group
  • All students on the classroom can interact with each other to create discussion groups

How to Access EBSdotcoza Online support