online register




Online registrations can be done by registering on our online student portal. Only credit cards and debit cards with punched out numbers will be accepted for online registrations.

To register online follow these easy steps

  1. Go to and complete the online registration form to receive an email to activate your account and set your password.
  2. To register for modules click on the orange tab in the left hand side menu and select your course of study.
  3. Select the courses that you want to register for from the drop down list and click search to review the final cost and online timetable on the calendar before you select “Check out”.
  4. Select your payment option and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions before you select “Pay now”. (Only credit cards and debit cards with punched out number will be accepted for payment)
  5. Select “Pay now” to go through to the pay fast to make your payment. You will receive an email to confirm receipt of payment.