Who we are?

We are EBSdotCOZA - Edge

We offer a combination of distance learning, interactive, and classroom tools designed to prepare students for their respective examinations.

By working closely with a variety of skilled facilitators, we are able to provide professional support, skills, and training for students completing various local and international qualifications. 

All our offerings include either locally produced or internationally-acclaimed study material which has been developed to ensure that students have maximum control over their studies.

So what makes us different?

Unlike many traditional service providers, EBSdotCOZA - Edge sources only the very best facilitators with proven track records to facilitate your module tuition. 

Simply put, if we do not have the right person for the job, we don’t run it.

In fact, we try not to do anything that won’t be of real benefit to you.

Blending proven content, methods, and technology to give you the edge over your studies.


Adaptive and Personalised learning

Every semester we take time to reflect on our experiences, be they good or bad, and learn from them.

This constant growth gives us the opportunity to consistently give back to you, the students, and outperform many of the very best competitors in the market. 


We eat, sleep and live education

With over 100 years of combined experience, our facilitators and admin staff pride themselves on being able to assist you with only the very best quality tuition, material, support, and guidance on your educational journey.


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