When it comes to Undergraduate Supplementary Exam preparation, results matter!

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EBSdotCOZAdotCOZA is running an Undergraduate Supplementary Support Programme to assist 2023 Undergraduate students in preparing for the 2024 Undergraduate supplementary January / February exam period.

These courses will run from 20 December 2023, for Undergraduate level 1 and 2 students until the scheduled supplementary exams date. EBSdotCOZAdotCOZA facilitators are specialist tuition providers for UNISA Undergraduate students. 
Members of our facilitator team have been responsible for running Undergraduate programmes since 1996 where their students achieved at least 1 of the top 2 UNISA Undergraduate results for 10 consecutive years.  In addition, consistently high pass rates have been achieved over the years.

The online Undergraduate Supplementary Support Programme is designed to give students the maximum level of support and skills necessary and give them the edge over their supplementary examinations:

  • 2023 EBSdotCOZA Exam Preparation Programme
  • Video Recorded lectures
  • Detailed and relevant course material (soft copy only)
  • Recorded feedback on previous UNISA exam papers solution


Undergraduate Supplementary Support Programme (UNISA aligned)

This programme is designed and tailored to give the learner the maximum amount of support and understanding in the limited time available.

This programme is only available for supplementary / aegrotat students and proof of registration (exam timetable or communication documents) will be required.

Support Programme will include:

• Comprehensive Note pack with relevant examples for all topics*
• Up to 8 hours of recorded lectures per module**
• Limited Interaction with facilitator via Google Classroom**
• Recorded Online exam preparation course with up to 2 or more passed examination-type questions and solutions

*Soft copies only
**Module dependant

Support Programme pricing:

• 1st R500 per module*
• 2nd R600 per module*
• 3rd R700 - 
R950 per module*

*Due to the nature of the course, no payment terms are available for these modules

2023 EBSdotCOZA Full Online Students:
  1. 2023 EBSdotCOZA Full Online course students simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. o request access.
    Attach your results instead of proof of payment.
  2. Once verified, you will be activated free of charge
  3. NOTE: Your account must be up to date before you can request supplementary access.
  4. Free access is granted to Full Online Course students excludes EBSdotCOZA Exam Preparation students

How long is access to the Support Programme granted?

Undergraduate Supplementary Support Programme students will have access to the programme until the Supplementary Exam sessions have been completed, after which you will be removed from the classroom.

I have a module that doesn't appear on the EBSdotCOZA Support Programme offering list?

Due to the nature of the programme, we understand that there may be modules not on our offering list.
Do not worry, we will have your back, simply contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp 066 202 1360 and we will assist you further.


  1. Under no circumstances whatsoever will fees be refunded.

Online Google Exam Preparation programme classroom per module:

  1. Access to the google undergraduate supplementary classroom is only for the duration of the course which is from the first date of a registration to the date of the exam for the current period in which the student enrolled.
  2. The student is solely responsible for all service, telephony, data charges and/or other fees and costs associated with access to the google Exam Preparation Course classroom and use of these services, as well as for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware, and other equipment required for such access and use.


  1. No transfer of intellectual property is ever implied.  All rights vest with EBSdotCOZA or with other copyright owners where applicable.
  2. All notes and associated material, including recordings, distributed by EBSdotCOZA as part of the course, remain the intellectual property of EBSdotCOZA. Students may not copy, modify, distribute, publicly display, extract, create derivative works from or reuse any part of the information provided, for any purpose, other than their personal preparation and study of the subject matter covered in the notes. Should students make these notes and recordings available to students not registered for the course, EBSdotCOZA will pursue criminal charges and civil claims against the student distributing the notes and recordings.


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