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The ICB Financial Accounting Programme teaches you the skills you need in order to have a career in Bookkeeping and Accounting.


National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting

The National Diploma in Technical Accounting will prepare you on how to complete a full set of accounts for a financial year and know the ins and outs of Accounting, Taxation for both individuals and companies, Auditing and Business Law.


Technical Financial Accountant

Job Opportunities: 

Financial Manager, Accounting Technician or Tax Technician



Upon successful completion of the below compulsory modules the learner will complete the National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting.

The subjects below make up this course and will need to be completed in order for you to complete this course.


Income Tax Returns

This module involves a thorough study of taxation. You will be able to compute taxable income and tax payable for individuals and businesses, submit tax returns, acquire a working knowledge of estate duty and provide taxation planning advice to clients.


Cost & Business Law and Accounting Control

This module covers basic contract law, insolvency law, estate planning, internal and computer auditing. It also covers unspoken business law, the written laws of business, managing your personal finances, accounting systems, stock control, liquidation as well as executors accounts.


Entry Requirements

Further Education & Training Certificate in Senior Bookkeeping


Fees and Timetables


2020 ICB - FEES


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Accreditation Info

Status: Accredited Course
Technical Financial Accounting - NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID 36213)
Minimum credits: 251



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