What do I need to become a Chartered Accountant?

In order to become a Chartered Accountant you will need to obtain the necessary university qualifications endorsed by SAICA, complete a learnership programme; and complete two final professional examinations administered by SAICA.

How do I obtain those requirements?

UNISA offers a university qualification through UNISA’s College of Accounting Sciences that is endorsed by SAICA. Theses qualifications are:

  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting (98302); followed by

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences (98231) (first year of the two-year CTA programme); followed by

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences (98255) (second year of the two-year CTA programme).

  • A learnership programme should be completed with a registered training office, and will range between three and five years, depending on academic progress.

  • The final two steps on your pathway to becoming a CA (SA) are to pass two Qualifying Examinations, namely the Initial Test of Competence (ITC) and the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). To qualify for entry to the ITC, a candidate must have completed a CTA. To qualify for entry to the APC, a candidate must have passed the ITC, completed a minimum of 20 months of a registered training contract, and successfully completed a professional programme with a registered provider.

As UNISA CTA specialists Edge Business Schools ITC Preparatory Course is geared toward the UNISA graduate and offered by highly qualified lecturers. For more information on the course we offer click here.


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