CTA Additional add - ons / Continuous Professional Development (CPD):
Additional add-ons are geared for students who elect to register for CTA Exam Preparation Course and not the Full CTA Support Course. These add-ons are in the form of additional LIVE topic-based contact sessions to assist students who may need to brush up on certain aspects of the course. These add-ons are also perfect for qualified professionals to brush up for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirements by SAICA.

This option is only available for specific modules and may be taken per session or as a package*

*Note: Package includes CTA Exam Preparation Course LIVE Case Study sessions

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(Applicable to all Postgraduate University Extra Lessons and Continuous Professional Development students) 

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CTA Additional add - ons / CPD & Pricing:
TAX add-ons - 1 x topic session - R 300.00
   - 6 x topic session, 3 x Case Study Sessions + 1 x sim exam session - R1 600.00
- CTA Exam Preparation Course + TAX add on only - R4 000.00
Timetable for TAX LIVE contact sessions (click here)
MAC add-ons - 1 x topic session - R 300.00
   - 4 x topic session, 3 x Case Study Sessions - R1 250.00
- CTA Exam Preparation Course + MAC add on only - R3 600.00
Timetable for MAC LIVE contact sessions (click here)


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